The SOMEREFs; Society of Medical Research and Expertise on the Suture of suspension

Who are we ?

The Somerefs is a scholarly agency specialized in the study of medical suture of suspension and their installation, in the re-up of sagged tissue.
This 1901 law non-profit association, related to vocational training agencies,  is independent of companies selling this material, and so entitled to do an objective analysis.

Our essential purpose :

The agency was born to improve information, using accessible communication, about an interesting technique but neglected technique since it actually covers several different sub-techniques, whose results are improperly mingled.
The company strives to improve the knowledge of these techniques to keep the best and thus, has launched a series of studies aiming to analyse them with maximum objectivity.
One of the purposes of the company is also to train physicians willing to practice.
On its listing it will present only well trained physicians, in specific companionship with a charter member. 

The study subject :

Its main research subject is the suture utilized in suspension, which, thanks to recent progress obtained in a few years (on already outdated bases), sparks interest in the lifting of sagged tissues area.

Notice to readers :

Without further ado, we must be clear that the famous gold suture can not be part of this subject since its action of suspension is nonexistent.
The fame of this old and never validated technique is due to a substantial hype  without any objective value, and the analysis of the way this suture works, which still remains obscure, shows that it owes much to the magic of words - Gold, precious, lasting, eternal, etc.,.
In a commercial approach, all these terms are also used in cosmetics’ selling to try to support a modest therapeutic action.
The recurrent confusion between gold suture and barbed suture that can provide real suspension requires that we should be specific about this.
The television impact of this fiction is important and many patients are affected, which is enough to justify this notice, as well as the birth of SOMEREFs.

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